2005 Feb 14
Fantastic Weather
Posted at 8:58 am by Barron | Austin

Here in Cental Texas, we have about two good weeks of great weather a year. That's all subjective, of course, but to me, it's either hot as Hell here, or too damn cold to enjoy the outdoors. Many people say that Austin has great weather, and I guess if you grew up in Iceland, it does. But to this So. Cal. native, I must say, the weather here leaves much to be desired.

However, we are experiencing a weather fluke in Austin these past few days. It has been gorgeous outside! Sunny and in the mid 70's. Plus, the mosquitos are hibernating, so it's safe to be out and about!!! Yesterday, Bay and I went for a walk around the neighborhood in the morning, and it was so nice. A bit windy, but warm and clear. The Freescale Marathon was yesterday too, and I suppose it was really nice for the runners and spectators. Looking at my weather bar at the bottom of my browser, I can see that tomorrow is going to be nice too! I wish I had the day off from work.


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