2005 Feb 12
Underwood Liverwurst
Posted at 2:03 pm by Barron | Eating

I love Underwood liverwurst. I have been enjoying it since I was a kid, usually spreading it across buttered bread. It's funny, but my Mom is the only one in my family that likes it too. We both love sardines too. Anyways, after Mariko and I moved to Texas, we couldn't find it in the stores here. They still carried Underwood deviled ham and beef, but no liverwurst. They still sold the liverwurst in California for a while, so we would pick up a couple cans when we visited there. But in the past year or so, they stopped selling it in the supermarkets there, too. I have been craving it for some time now, and found a place that sells it online. I am going to order a case, and probably split it with my Mom.

While searching for it online, I found some interesting facts about Underwood. You know, they have the coolest logo, but you have to check out the older Devil logo. So evil! Click on "read more" below to read a fabulous quote from the Underwood website:

" The original red devil was a real he-goat, half man, half goat, with horns, pronged spear and a tail. He was a leering demonic Lucifer, frequently portrayed in early ads dipping a whole ham into a boiling caldron as flames roar in the background and Satan's sons dance with glee. The current red devil has been stripped of evil. He is a happy Satan, smiling, carrying his spear, and apparently waving at the potential customer. His footwear appears to be elves slippers. The logo appears prominently on Underwood's entire line of meat spreads, chunk meats and sardines."


 Sluggo: I knew I liked Underwood's products for some reason...

Incidentally, my friend Tom Churchill had an Underwood devil tattoo as well as a big blue star on his back. When he died in 1996, I got my own blue star on my right arm to carry the torch, so to speak. I've been meaning to get the Underwood devil as well, but up until now I haven't . Thanks for the reminder!

Posted on Feb 12, 2005 | 5:35 pm

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